"One of the best process engineers that I know."  Master Black
Belt, large multi-billion dollar international company

Concering ISO 9001 systems

“One other mentionable strength is how simple the QMS is at ----,
yet it seems very effective” - Large (multi billion dollar)
International Company Supplier Auditors

Consistent ratings of over 90% by Automotive Customers despite
not being registered to TS16949. - Large (multi billion dollar)
International Company Supplier Auditors

“there were no Findings written and no indication of weaknesses
in the Quality Management System.” - Registrar Auditor

“A well run thorough/professional job being done” - Registrar

"I didn’t really understand the system that Rich put it while he was
putting it in, but now I get it, ISO makes sense now.  It does make
my job easy.   It’s common sense.” - Office Manager, Small

Internal Auditing

“I hired Rich to perform internal auditing 2 months before our
ISO9001:2008 recertification audit.  He did an excellent job in
auditing and making our team think about what we were doing
and why.  He was very thorough and it helped us during the 3rd
Party Audit. The auditor actually complimented Rich on his
thoroughness and insight.” - Quality Manager, Medium size
Testimonial - Richard B. Vershel