Testified before EPA (SCAQMD) concerning hydrocarbon emissions.

    Led emission reduction program which resulted in a 59% reduction in emissions and over
    $1MM cost avoidance.  Reduced emissions such that the plant moved from 4th largest emitter
    to drop out of the top 20 in less than 2 years.

Audited by FDA and Visited FDA for Generic Transdermal Patches (CFR 211 vs. 810)

    Trained all production workers on a monthly basis for cGMPs.

Worked with numerous organizations to achieve ISO9001 or QS9000/TS16949


    “One other mentionable strength is how simple the QMS is at ----, yet it seems very effective” -
    Large (multi billion dollar) International Company Supplier Auditors

    Consistent ratings of over 90% by Automotive Customers despite not being registered to
    TS16949. - Large (multi billion dollar) International Company Supplier Auditors

    There were no Findings written and no indication of weaknesses in the Quality Management
    System.” - Registrar Auditor

    “A well run thorough/professional job being done” - Registrar Auditor

Saved over $10,000,000 in career


    Facilitated numerous teams using various problem solving tools.  Key results included
    realizing incremental annual savings of over $1,000,000 in yield and inventory savings and
    reducing the number of complaints by 30%.

    Led efforts on cost savings and throughput enhancement projects to achieve savings of over
    $500,000 per year in sustainable savings.

    Developed new film which generated over $300,000 in new business in the 1st 18 months of
    its product life cycle.

    Instituted and refined film supplier development programs – multiple sourcing of films,
    improving suppliers  on-time delivery to near 100%, reducing number of defective rolls, with
    improved leadtimes.

    Developed 2 proprietary processes which resulted in annual savings of $300K and capacity

    Developed numerous coating technologies resulting in over $3 MM annual sales.

    Used Experimental Design for Scaleup of new products/process resulting in over $1MM
    annual revenues.
Key Accomplishments - Richard B. Vershel