Achieve More Profits, Find More Time

I started RiVer in 2007 to help organizations improve. I have a
degree in Chemical Engineering from Vanderbilt University  and
an MBA from University of Southern California.  I am a
seasoned impact professional with executive positions in many

What I offer - Value Proposition
  • Work with you to achieve more PROFIT per machine hour
  • Help you find more TIME to work on higher value items
  • Startup/optimize/standardize new equipment quicker to
    achieve more PROFIT sooner
   Let me know your vision, I will take care   
of implementing it.

The Why?  Provide Solutions to Realize More Profits
  • Think back to the profit improvement/cost reduction
    projects that you envisioned 1 year ago.  How did it go?
  • They are still good ideas, are they implemented?
  • You and your business are WORTH it to have these
    good ideas implemented and realize the profits.
  • In a year from now, what changes will occur to have the
    good ideas implemented?  Working with RiVer can be
    that change!    

Discover your Profit Pain Points -  I'll Analyze Your Data
  • Look at the Facts
               Where Do You Make Profits?
              Where Do You Lose Profits?
  • Determine product mix by profitability per machine hour
  • Cost Reduction Team Facilitation